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Plastic Impregnate Products

Plastic Impregnate Products
Model: According to custom's request
Trademark: According to custom's request
Standard: According to custom's request
Origin: China
Productivity: 1000000PCS/Month
Packing: According to Custom's Request
Product Description:
Soft PVC soak the production of plastic products, mainly including smooth jinsu, pits jinsu and transparent jinsu products for the domestic and foreign customers with various insulation, dustproof waterproof, decoration sheath, soft rubber cover, the handle set, etc. The company has a perfect jinsu processing equipment, with advanced technology, product quality and efficient as the goal, the specialization, and the scale of production as the foundation, continuously improve product quality, develop domestic and international market, the company has developed into the strength and the size of the SuGuan production enterprise.
Company products can be widely used in hardware tools handle, handle, fitness equipment put his hand, hook, roads and garden fence network hardware products such as the beatles on the, the jinsu processing after the metal products, colour profusion; In addition the product the gender is strong, beautiful, resistant to pull, feel is good, long service life, safe and reliable. According to the test, the various performance indicators have reached the level of products on, have very good protection and adornment effect.

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